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Hehe! That tickles...Events 2001

October 2001

bulletStill need to update my Japan trip!
bulletStats page is up!  Check out my (rather pathetic) statistics...
bulletNew stuff in the Humor section

September 2001

bullet#@%*$# Nimda virus!  I'm back up now after a week-long cleanup.

August 2001

bulletNew pictures from my Trip to Japan! more neat stuff and travelogue coming soon...

July 2001

bulletMore movie reviews: A.I., Atlantis, Cats and Dogs
bulletNew movie review: Dr. Dolittle 2
bulletMore humor updates

June 2001

bulletNew in the Humor section: 101 Excuses
bulletVarious minor fixups.
bulletNew Movie Review: Tomb Raider
bulletI'm starting to make serious updates to the Cruise I took in Greece some years ago: fleshing out the story and adding a photo album.  More will be coming as time permits...

May 2001

bulletUpdated my Personal Info
bulletGave my home page a major facelift...
bulletA new picture or two from my recent Carnival Cruise...
bulletFINALLY finished the travel diary of my Africa trip!  Also added some new photos in the photo album.
bulletNew stuff in the Humor section
bulletPictures from Thanksgiving 2000 in San Diego

April 2001

bulletTook a cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel: check it out!

March 2001

bulletNew stuff in the Humor section (well, some of it's new...)

January  2001

bulletHappy New Year, Everyone!
bulletNew feature: Family Album (Under Construction)
bulletPersonal Info page updated
bulletBreakfast at Fry's story in the Humor pages updated with pictures

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