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Heeerre I come to save the daaaaayyy!Events 2000

December 2000

bulletNew photos from others on my Africa tour (thanks Joanne!!)
bulletTravel diary for my Africa trip nearly complete!
bulletMerciful Saints in Heavens Above: the U.S. Presidental Election is finally over.   Whew!

November 2000

bulletIt's U.S. Presidential Election time: vote early, vote often!
bulletWent to San Diego for Thanksgiving & to visit my folks!

October 2000

bulletJust got back from a 3-week trip to Africa: check it out!

September 2000

bulletGuestbook back up!
bulletSearching back up!
bulletArchived old Current Events (I guess that should be *NOT*-so-Current Events...)

August 2000

bulletAdded Sponsors page
bulletUpdated Humor
bulletReformatting Travel pages to give a more unified look, in preparation for some major additions
bulletAt last, I have broadband access to the web again!  Thank you COX!

July 2000

bulletUpdates at last!
bulletEvents list made Y2K Compliant!
bulletMore Stuff in the Humor Section
bulletMove Stuff in the Movies Section

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