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bulletUpdated Links Pages!
bulletNew Movie Reviews!
bulletNew Travel stuff: I just got back from a cruise in Greece! Check it out!


bulletJoin the Sonix Family! :-)


bulletMore humor! Check out the humor pages!
bulletI Modified my personal page a bit: check it out!
bulletMom & Dad finally set up their web page: check out the pics at the Shotts Family Page!


bulletWow!! Finally got to do a complete revamp of my pages: check out my new humor pages: more updates coming soon!


bulletA day that will live in infamy.... Whoops!! Sorry, wrong speech. Actually my Sister got married!!!! She's now Mrs. Zweifel to you all: check out some cool Wedding pics! Sniff... brings a tear to your eye....


bulletHappy new year, everyone! Well, I just recently got back from my Singapore trip: you can check out that and my other travels at my new travel pages. There are lots of things to see!

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