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William Geoffrey Shotts
Hey, look: pecks!
Too big!
Birth Date:
November 23, 1970
Key West, Florida, United States of America
B.S. in Math/Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University
Get a Masters, maybe a Ph.D., earn some dough, find a girlfriend, learn all there is to learn, see all there is to see. Oh, and LOSE WEIGHT!
Dark hair, great legs, and definitely intelligence!
Bubbleheads, nitpickers, "Scientific" Creationists, people who drive too slow in the fast lane.
Last Movie Seen:
"XXX", Starring Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson
Last Book Read:
"Guns, Germs and Steel", by Jared Diamond
Favorite Food:
Pizza with anchovies, ham and pineapple, with Indian cuisine as a close second...

I'm currently V.P. of Software at Claygency, my new company.  If you want to know what I look for in a job, take a look at my resume on the web!

My geek code:

GM/GCS d+ s+:+ a C+++ U+ P+ L+ E+ W+++$ N++ o+ K? w++++$ O--- M+ V-- PE++ Y-- PGP t@ 5++ X+@ R- tv- b+++ DI++++ D++ G e++ h r y?

Other than that, I'm a pretty normal guy: I like biking, skiing, and the occasional good book. I'm a real fan of movies. I've also started getting into rollerblading a bit: only fallen once! I'm a bit of a techno-freak and audio buff, as well: I just got a new surround-sound setup & caddy CD player, plus a brand-new DVD set, and have been enjoying blasting my ears out for hours on end :-).

I make it a point to try and travel to a new and exciting place each year: so far I've been on five separate continents in about fifteen different countries, as well as travels all over the continental United States.   Hardly scratched the surface, really.  Check out these pages often for my travel updates!

I am sometimes spotted biking on the Fairfax County Parkway trail (during the summers), or hiking in the Shenandoahs.  Just look for a guy on the verge of cardiac arrest.   In winter I ski occasionally.  Otherwise, I'm at home feeding the plants and the fish, pumping a little iron in my weight room, out viewing the latest films, or working on silly Web Pages. :-)

I'm also a bit of a news junkie (especially since 9/11): lately I've been reading a lot of  blogs (short for "Web Logs"), and I find them so much better than the news on Network TV!.  Check out some of my favorites: Instapundit, U.S.S. Clueless, and Matt Welch.  They all have links to other blogs, news stories, and other editorials.  Get informed!

My blogger code (if this web site was actually a blog): 

B9 d t++ k- s+ u-- f- i- o++ x-- e+ l c--

Speaking to Me

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2) Or, you can try snail-mail (yuck!) at:

8516 Fairburn Drive
Springfield, VA 22152
United States of America

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