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A San Diego Thanksgiving

November 22 - November 28, 2000

Last year I made a Thanksgiving trip to see my folks out on the Left Coast.  I flew out that weekend, but unlike many, I had absolutely no delays and no trouble at the airport!  A nice present, seeing as it was also my 30th birthday!

Anywho, while I was out there I went to Sea World and the Wild Animal Park (the folks are members, so I got in free!)  Here are a few pics.

Bird Show

Birdshow3.jpg (93771 bytes) Birdshow4.jpg (37218 bytes) Birdshow1.jpg (121356 bytes) Birdshow2.jpg (81096 bytes)

Seals & Sea Lions

Feed Me! Bobbing like a cork... Seal2.jpg (38894 bytes)

Killer Whale Show

Seaworld2.jpg (113080 bytes) Seaworld4.jpg (119516 bytes) Fly, be Free! Seaworld6.jpg (81570 bytes)
Seaworld5.jpg (105121 bytes) Seaworld9.jpg (89925 bytes) Seaworld7.jpg (55739 bytes) Seaworld8.jpg (94140 bytes)

Other Stuff

MorayEels1.jpg (69796 bytes) Penguins1.jpg (106501 bytes) Seaworld3.jpg (102130 bytes) See a Starfish flip itself! Flamingo1.jpg (47392 bytes)

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