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North America

By my count, I've been to about 40 of the 50 states so far. Being a Navy brat bounced me back and forth between the coasts a lot, but we would always drive across country when we moved. So we would do a lot of sight-seeing and tourizing of various places and sites.   

Now that I'm on my own, I still try to get in some travel every once in a while.   Here's a list of some of the recent sights that stand out in my mind: I've added pictures where I can. I still have closets full of pictures I haven't sorted out properly. Enjoy!

Grand Caymans Cozumel New York, New York Boise, Idaho Las Vegas, Nevada Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Outward Bound! Rhode Island Seattle, Washington Virginia Hiking Trails Seattle, Washington San Diego, CA

Cities, Countries, Places, Sites

bulletPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
bulletNovember 1991 -  Austin, Texas
bulletMarch 1995 -  Las Vegas, Nevada
bulletAugust 1995 - Outward Bound
bulletOctober 1995 -  Dallas, Texas
bulletNovember 1995 -  Newport, Rhode Island
bulletSeattle, Washington
bulletBoise, Idaho
bulletCleveland, Ohio
bulletJune 1999 -  New York, New York
bulletNovember 2000 - San Diego
bulletApril 2001 - Grand Cayman & Cozumel
bullet2001 & 2002 - Virginia Hiking Trails
bulletGrand Canyon
bulletNovember 2002 - San DiegoNEW.GIF (116 bytes)

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