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Parlez-vous francais? Deutsch? Espaniol? Doesn't matter, most Europeans speak better English than Americans, anyway. On the cruise I  took in '96, people spoke up to six languages!!! Some of my friends can barely grunt coherently, let alone speak English (or American, if you want to get picky...)

Haven't been to every country in Europe, but I'm working on it!  This is what I've done so far.

The Netherlands Malta France Great Britain Italy Greece

4/1/1988 - 4/9/1988: France
Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?

10/28/1996 - 11/6/1996: Greece & Italy
Vorrei un biglietto per Roma, per favore.

8/16/1997 - 8/31/1997: The British Isles
How about some nice Spotted Dick?

December 1999: Malta
Anyone seen my falcon?

NEW.GIF (116 bytes)April 2002: The NetherlandsNEW.GIF (116 bytes)
Watch where you're sticking that thumb, guy...

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