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Since many of my former company's clients are in the Far East, their marketing department makes several trips out there each year. In '95 I was lucky enough to be in a position to make the trip myself. I hope to do more Far East travel in the future, although I must say the plane trip takes a lot out of you (almost twenty-four solid hours from Washington, D.C. to Singapore! Ugh....) I had quite a bit of time to myself out there, and took lots of pictures. Take a look-see at my adventures below!

Japan Singapore
11/30/1995 - 12/13/1995: Singapore
Sights to see:
bulletChinese & Japanese Gardens
bulletSingapore Zoo & Night Safari
bulletJurong Bird Park
bulletCrocodile Paradise
bulletOrchard Road & the Financial District
bulletSentosa Island

July 2001: Japan!NEW.GIF (116 bytes)

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