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Guestbook Entries 2000

Name: Martin
HomeTown: Oswestry
Travel: Singapore
Date: 12/29/00
Time: 7:36:44 AM


Great Information about Singapore. I'm looking forward to my trip next month now! Cheers

Name: Mike
HomeTown: Montreal
Travel: Nest year : South america
Date: 12/11/00
Time: 10:32:03 PM


Hey, Enjoyed your Desert and Delta tour page. Did the exact same tour right after you did. From Windhoek to Vic falls from Oct 31 to Nov 15. Enjoyed seeing the photos...all the familiar places. Didn't take any photos myself, brought my camcorder instead, but some of my fellow tour members(14 of us) kindly supplied with some scans. One correction to your travel description : Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe. Harnas is near Gobabis on the way to Botswana (not Harare). regards.

Geoff Responds:

Oops!  Thanks for the comments: obviously I was thinking one thing and typing another!

            - WGS

Name: Monique
HomeTown: Bathurst - Canada
Travel: Possibly to Africa (Zambezi Discovery)
Date: 12/5/00
Time: 10:59:16 AM


Great Web page !! The only disapointment was that the Diary of your trip wasn't finished yet ! I was getting hooked on the story ! Looking forward to reading the rest of it !

Ever visit Canada ? You should, it's a great country with hundreds of diferrent cultures and climates !

A plus tard !

Geoff Responds:

Thanks!  Hopefully I will have a chance to get the Africa Diary done this week: keep checking.  And have fun on your Africa trip!

I've only been to Canada briefly on a business trip, but I'd love to do a tour someday.


Name: Maltese
HomeTown: Malta
Travel: Near You
Date: 11/25/00
Time: 8:15:44 PM


Dear William Geoffrey Shotts,

Do not come back to Malta. Just shut up your big mouth and stay in your country. You are the perfect copy of an idiot being paid a lot of bucks. With your comments you even prove this. We Maltese have history, our own language, heritage, civilisation.. all things which you Americans do not even dream of and WE ARE PROUND of such things. Geoff... in Malta you did not see beggars in the streets, gangs and prostitutes.. you were not afraid to walk alone by night and most Maltese people offered to help you.


Geoff Responds:

I'm not sure what pressed your buttons, guy, but I think a few corrections are in order:

bulletI actually *liked* the history and heritage in Malta.
bulletAmerica *does* have heritage, civilsation, and history.  It may be shorter than yours (at least in a European sense), but it's definitely there.  Consider reading about it sometime.
bulletI don't see beggars, gangs, or prostitutes where I live, either.  Nor am I afraid to walk the streets at night.  Don't believe everything you see on TV.

If you wish to *discuss* specifics what you found so offensive (as opposed to trading insults), send me an e-mail: I'm curious.


Name: Norman
HomeTown: Cerritos,CA
Date: 11/22/00
Time: 2:46:45 PM


Geoff, Great website! I was on on the Rock portion of your tour 2 years ago. Believe it or not I was on Rainbow Nation and Grand Safari Tour from Sept 11 to Oct 23 this year! I just missed seeing ya again by a few days. The Grand Safari trip coverd the Desert and Delta tour that you took. Was Susanna and Emaeus your guide and driver? These last tours that I did were my 9th and 10th tours with Contiki! You could say I'm a bit of an addict. Well, take care! E MAIL@ MRPINK777@AOL.COM

Name: Bob Kelley
HomeTown: San Francisco, California
Travel: Contiki Namibia
Date: 11/16/00
Time: 4:25:52 PM


I thought your photos were great! I went on Contiki South Africa 2 years ago and loved it, and want to do either Contiki Zimbabwe or Contiki Namibia. Could you email me with advice as to which one you would advise? Also, I've heard it's not safe to drive the Caprivi Strip from VicFalls to Windhoek...what was your experience? What about safety in Zim with the farm riots? Other than safety, the trip looks incredible--I want to go early Feb. Robert_Kelley@yahoo.com

Name: Eric Culkowski
HomeTown: Springfield, VA
Travel: ***
Date: 10/2/00
Time: 4:02:21 PM


The search page is cool!

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