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Stardate 08/06/95

It's been raining all night. I can hear the sound of the rain, beating on the tent. I'm wondering: what's in store for the day? Will I be able to meet the challenge?

We break camp and have breakfast. Tasks are assigned, discussions and announcements are made, and we set out. A good omen: the rain has stopped!

The path is rugged and beautiful. The air is fresh and cool. Stopping for lunch at a large clearing (complements of the local electric company) I really start to feel a sense of accomplishment.

After a brief detour (where we get to commune with some of the natives of this beautiful wilderness) we reach our destination at Savage River. What started out as a rainy, dreary day has turned into a major achievement for the whole group!

The campsite is lovely, with the river tinkling gently in the background. "Pizza" is only mentioned twice. An excellent spagetti dinner helps ease the hunger felt by all.

With aching feet, sore backs and tired shoulders, but with a great sense of a job well done, we retire for the night.

-Geoff Shotts


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