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August 5th

Hurricane Island O.B.
"Adventure of Oddities" We arrived at 12pm and sat in a circle on the grass. Boy, when was the last time you did that. Warm fuzzies were exchanged and we were subtlely - oh not so subtlely - lead to pack all our belongings into one red stuff stack. Who is this guy? Was he invited? He then charms us into carrying our scant belongings along with food, H20 and camp gear! Are we ready for this? Then we have to drink, drink, drink, and go, go, go to the bathroom - they share their pride of having no one dehydrate on "their" trips! :-) Well, you drink the H20 then.

We pack up what's to be our lifeline for the next 8 days and we're all aware of our sense of stepping out of the world of convenience into the world of self-reliance.

I sense we're all ready - I sense we can do this - I sense it's okay not to have Domino's Pizza because the refried beans were very good.

I sense we can do it - because guess what: WE'RE DOING IT.

P.S.: I know I have to get you to drink, drink, drink.

- Relie Hines


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