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Stardate 08/07/95

Saddened to leave such a lovely spot, we pack up our gear at Savage River and prepare to head out. Our journey today will be somewhat shorter than the previous day, a fact that lifts the spirits of many in the group.

Along the way we play some more games (continuing the series of riddles and mysteries that were played yesterday). They help to keep our spirits up and our minds active.

We soon arrive at our destination, the Icewater Falls. There is some opportunity to play here, and several brave souls decide to immerse themselves in the cold water. The joy (and not a little craziness) is most apparent.

Taking some time out for private contemplation, I think about what we have done so far and wonder what is to happen next.

Note: Chosen group name of - "Theelma's Kiyn."

- Geoff Shotts


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