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Slightly Less Work

December 15, 1999


One more work day: everything seems fixed! Alan plans to just let host run the system and see if they find any problems.   Hopefully, everything will be mostly cleared out at this point.

There's not much for me to do except be on standby in case any problems are found, so I'm sitting in our host's office right now enjoying some peace & quiet (well, not exactly quiet, it's a community office, but no one's bothering me so that's nearly as good!)  At this rate, I should finish my Riven game before we leave Malta...

We had lunch in cafeteria again: everything looks revolting.  I don't know where they get the food for this place, but it's definitely not the same place the local restaurants get it!

After work (leaving at 4:00 p.m. again!) we had a great dinner at Thai down the street.   The waitress was quite a character: very animated.  As you probably have gathered by now, there is a *lot* of variety in the food here!

The Weather looks good...

.. so on to Sicily tomorrow!


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