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<OOh, Pretty!>      <@&&#$&% tourists..>Yeppoon to Whitsundays

October 31, 1998

The First Goodbyes

Today was mostly a travel day: we took the LONG drove out from Yeppoon to the boat that would take us to Whitsundays: or at least some of us.  About a third of the group would be leaving for a 3-day yacht trip around the island.  So everyone said their goodbyes and got last-minute e-mail addresses and phone numbers.  We were a bit worried about those guys, though: the weather was getting rainy and ugly, and the yacht they were on looked really small: it would be awful if they ended up sitting on the boat in the rain for three days!  I heard later from some of the girls that fortunately, this was not the case!

Before jumping on the ferry, we had some time to explore Airlie Beach and get some lunch.  Not a bad little town, but like a lot of the towns in Australia, it was pretty small!

As we waved "Goodbye" to the yachters, the rest of us piled into the ferry to take us to the Long Island Resort at Whitsundays. I liked the sign on the way to the ferry...

Ouchie!Long Island Resort

The ferry took an hour or so to get to the resort: it was raining by the time we got to the dock, but they brought the covered carts to take us up to the resort.   It had been raining so much that I thought the downstairs rooms looked kind of flooded: I hoped our room was not like that!  Fortunately not, but it was fairly crowded!  It was also late afternoon by the time we arrived, so we took a break and met later for dinner.  On the way, I saw several kangaroos hopping about in the grass (damn things are everywhere).

Dinner was an incredibly huge buffet with all sorts of seafood: prawns, fish, shrimp, all sorts of stuff.  Great desserts, too! Afterwards we went to the bar (do you see a pattern forming?) and had drinks and conversation.  Soon I would be leaving this group, too...



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