Group Photos!

Here are all the great people I toured with on my latest travels!


Reef Group at Mrs. Macquaries Point, Sydney

These are the first bunch I toured with: great view of the Sydney Opera House and the Bridge! Nicci & Greg (far left, 3rd row and far right, 3rd row respectively) were our tour leaders.  You can see yours truly standing in the back with the sunglasses (by this point I was seriously sunburned, too, but that's another story).

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Not shown in the picture: Ildi, Jacqueline, Nancy, Michelle


Dracula Dinner Theatre

Dracula Dinner Theatre in Surfers Paradise

Same bunch of guys & gals with a few add-ons.  This was taken in the theatre/restaurant "Draculas", in between acts.  Note the lovely waitress I'm leaning on!  The guy in the middle with the top hat would not let go of Korina (there in the middle with the silver jacket): what a perv (the guy in the top hat, not Korina... :-)



Rock Group piled up in the Outback

This was the group from my Outback tour: note who's getting crushed on the bottom of the barrel!  That's Daryl, Jo, and Greg (our tour leaders) jumping in the background: no one even knew they were doing it until we saw the pictures!  There were eight of us from my original Reef tour in this group: everyone else was brand new! (to me, anyway)

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