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OK, gimmie back my arm...Frasers Island to Yeppoon

October 30, 1998

Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn

Our trip to Frasers Island nearly over, we waited by the docks for the ferry to take us back to the mainland.  After crossing back to Hervey Bay, we drove on up to Rockhampton, where we crossed over the Tropic of Capricorn, putting us officially in the Tropics.   Everyone gathered around for a big group shot and then relaxed a bit with shopping and/or ice cream.  Funny, I don't feel any temperature difference...

Continuing on our journey, we came to the village of Yeppoon, where we would spend the night.  *Great* location: just by the beach, and when I looked out our window, there were wild kangaroos just jumping around in the gardens!   I ran down to take a close-up look of these visitors too, AFTER  I took a shower and got a change of clothes: after two days of the same shorts and shirt I was feeling pretty gamey.

They're delicious on the half shell...The beach at Yeppoon was amazing: TOTALLY deserted and seemed to simply run on and on.   That afternoon I took a long walk down the beach to do a little beachcombing: I found some sand dollars, some interesting purple clam shells, even a scallop or two.   No jewelry or hidden treasure: too bad!

On the way to dinner,  I found a few cane toads, which were HUGE toads that had originally been introduced to Australia to help get rid of an insect pest problem.  However, the cured proved worse than the disease: cane toads thrived in the tropical environment, and are now considered to be a pest themselves.  Nicci said that Greg the driver got free beers for every cane toad he ran over!  I wanted to get a picture of a cane toad, but I never found one again...

koorana.jpg (4809 bytes)Dinner with (and of) Crocodiles

For dinner that night a bunch of us went to the Koorana Crocodile Farm, were we had our first taste of crocodile meat!  They served a crocodile chowder for an appetizer, along with strips of crocodile meat on a stick.   While we were waiting for our main meal, we got a tour of the farm while our guide described the lifestyle of the crocodile.

Boring Trivia Bit:

- When crocodiles are nesting, if you approach the nest of eggs you will be attacked: but just run away and they will stop a short distance away from the nest.
- Crocodile dorsal scales contain bone, so they are effectively a secondary skeleton
- Crocodiles grow all their lives, and can be up to 5 feet high at the shoulder and weigh over 500 pounds

End of Boring Trivia Bit

For the record, crocodile tastes a bit like a cross between seafood and chicken, and also slightly rubbery.  After dinner they passed around a young crocodile for all of us to hold and enjoy.  It got a little pissed off towards the end of it, though: that tail was pretty sharp!

After dinner, we went to the bar at the hotel, where Nicci bought Greg his beers for smashing toads and the rest of us sat and listened to the lounge singer (who was a LOT better than the one at Frasers Island).  Later I called home to say "hi" to everyone (using one of bloody credit card phones: had a devil of a time trying to get through).

Tomorrow we hit the Great Barrier Reef!


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