William Geoffrey Shotts

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8516 Fairburn Drive, Springfield, VA 22152

e-mail: gshotts AT gshotts DOT com
Home Page: http://www.gshotts.com

Job Objective A high-level position in the field of computer engineering. Areas of interest include networking, web design, ultrasonics, programming, formal logic, and communications.
Education Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Received B.S. Mathematics/Computer Science, December 1991 (3 1/2 years)
GPA: 3.36/4.00
Computer Skills Languages
ANSI C/C++, C#, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0/7.0, Perl, Java, JavaScript, HTML (up to rev. 4.0), AppleScript, 80x86 assembly, Pascal, COBOL

Operating Systems
Linux (RedHat & SuSE), Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 4.0, Macintosh OS (version 6.0 to 8.0), DOS (up to 7.0), UNIX, Windows 3.1, OS/2 (up to version 3.0)

Debugging Tools
gdb, ddd, BoundsChecker, TrueTime, CodeReview, SoftIce (Numega), Lint, PC-Lint (Gimpel Software)

Development Tools
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft DDKs & SDKs, PLX SDK, Numega DriverWorks

Revision Control Tools
CVS, SourceSafe, MKS Source Integrity, Source Offsite, RCS

Design Tools
Visio, LabView (National Instruments), Microsoft Visual Modeler

Web Development Tools
NetObjects Fusion, FrontPage (Windows),  BBEdit (Macintosh)

Installation Tools
Installshield Professional 5.5 to 6.3, InstallShield Developer 7.0

TCP/IP, Windows Server, OS/2 LAN Server, LANtastic, AppleTalk

Network Protocols

SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access

Documentation/Presentation Tools
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, variety of text editors (Emacs, VI (Unix/Linux systems), UltraEdit, Notepad, WordPad)

Experience June 1999 to present - VP of Software
Claygency Annandale, Virginia (www.claygency.com)
Helping to found Claygency as its Vice President of Software.  Responsible for managing and coordinating the sofware R&D and consulting services.  Programming largely in VC++ building device drivers (KMDs and VxDs) for acquisition boards and building ActiveX controls in VB for the interfaces.  Performing web development tasks, mostly developing using Perl scripts to access SQL databases.  Assisted with LAN maintenance, Web site maintenance.

January 1997 to June 1999 - Software Project Manager:
Sonix, Inc. Springfield, Virginia (www.sonix.com)
Responsible for managing and coordinating tasks for six-person software team at Sonix. Help develop long-term strategy for software development. Personally responsible for development and maintenance of Sonix FlexSCAN-C software under DOS, Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0.  Report directly to owners on project tasks, updates, and recommendations on future R&D. Made decisions about assigning personel to projects, resources, etc. and coordinated with other departments to make sure hardware and mechanical needs meshed with software development.  Assisted with LAN Maintenance.

February 1992 to December 1996 - Software Engineer/LAN Manager:
Sonix, Inc. Springfield, Virginia (www.sonix.com)
Responsible for the development and maintenance of Sonix's C-Scan software and related products. Managed company's Local Area Network. Worked in C with other programmers to develop a windowing interface for high-speed ultrasonic data acquisition software. Help develop the underlying window management system, image processing library, Pulser/Receiver library. Designed and programmed user interfaces in this system. Travelled to customer sites (including overseas sites) for installations and training.

Summers 1990, 1991 - LAN Manager/Programmer:
Sonix, Inc. (formerly Sonotek, Inc.) Springfield, Virginia (www.sonix.com)
Managed company's Local Area Network. Assisted administrative department in computer skills. Prepared computer systems for shipment. Developed a multi-user system using Borland, Inc.'s PARADOX database program for allowing storage and retrieval of orders, inquiries, serial numbers, and other data relating to purchases and repair information.

Interests Travel, movies & movie soundtracks, rollerblading, cycling, skiing, SF. Have a personal domain registered for maintaining and updating my personal Web site (http://www.gshotts.com).  Maintain a home network, with several computers using a variety of operating systems.
References Available upon request

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