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Good Morning Day 6!

Great start, blue sky, and extra sleep. As we leisurely broke down camp there was still a high running from the day before. Rock climbing and repelling from the fire tower, it appears we're all still in shock from that one.

Our stress free breakfast started us off with ease. On to some "combaya shit" group activities. First, we surrounded a rope after we closely examined a small stick. Our instructions were to find the stick within the boundaries. One by one we all caught on to Denise's subtle hints (head on ground, ear facing up with stick behind her ear... Hell-o!) We then moved onto some communication skills "mirror art" with 5 items. Back to back we explained our designs. Some were simple, some were deluxe (Larry) (oop, first base) (second base) I guess I have to play "fart baseball", solo.

Anyway, next we held hands criss crossing each other, once facilitator, the rest silent. For some of us that was difficult, some not so hard. When the activities were over, we processed our morning groups and what significance it brings to our lives at home.

A necessary stretch from our rigorous climbs yesterday and off we were. A bitter-sweet graze to our next site. With each pricker that stabbed us, came the sweetness of the berries.

Our hike was short, and our setup was quick. We ate lunch and enjoyed some light social banter. The questions were coming and anticipation was growing. The same response every time: "we'll let you know when the time comes." We finished our delicious culinary delight of munster cheese and crackers.

OK. It's time, what's going on. Denise and Rich informed us of our solo plans and what we needed. We will fast on this solo during this time we all anticipatee to cleanse our sole, our mind and our body.

This is one opportunity that hopefully is used to its fullest. As Denise stated, it's an opportunity for minimalist. At this point I bid y'all farewell and a safe and enriching experience. Good Night Thelma's Kin.

Just think you guys: only one full day left. I can't believe my eyes. So much to do, before our sad good-byes.

- Polly Prolman


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