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As our paper fears had been burnt in the waning daylight of yesterday, the morning sun smouldered in the mist as we prepared to face the most challenging day of Outward Bound... Rock Climbing and Rapelling. As we each negotiated our way up the rocks, we each made and realised goals, conquered parts of ourselves, and became more trusting and confident.

When we all finished climbing and had eaten lunch, we repelled off of the fire tower. For many of us, this was a real test if our newfound trust and an opportunity to face and begin to conquer our fears. The view was incredible... not to mention the trip down.

Both activities helped us all push ourselves beyond where we thought we could reach. And in reaching beyond, we each found something new and precious within ourselves.

Later we all cleaned up glass around the climbing site and left for Old Hunter's camp, grazing on berries on the way hoping to get the sweet ones.

After setting up camp and having beans for dinner we started to play fart baseball. I guess you can say that all the "warm fuzzie shit" has created a strange bond between us.

It's fun.

- Jodi Connelly


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