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As the sun rises in the East, we all silently gather back to Main camp. It was perfect night with a Full moon casting moon shadows all night. One of the 1st comments made after the silent gathering... what was the 3 whistles call for help all about. Apparently it was only a rattlesnake coiled and rattling at Jody. Yes - she is just fine.

After a health breakfast of coose goose, we break camp quickly - for we have some tough navigating today and a pickup deadline. We whack the bushes, and rodadendrons, with Railly finding the trail pieces with ease. We can tell she wants to get home!

For lunch we have a feast of food and dangle our smelly feet in the cool waters of the river (Big Savage). The Van ride back to base was quiet as most people sleep. Open windows help circulate all the B.O. But hey - we're used to it!

Arriving at Base Camp - everything is broken down and cleaned. Not a bad thing - everybody helped and it went quickly.

Supper was awesome. Soft tachos with sweet juice, chopped lettuce, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, topped with sour cream. Of course refried beans and turkey meat were at the center.

This final night we sleep in the penthouse. A cabin tent hung high between trees! A good way to end the trip high.

- Mark McNeill


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