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Cool!Rain and Rainbows

December 12, 1999


More rain!  We've clearly come to Malta at a bad time of year.  Given the weather it's doubtful we will even try to catch the ferry to Sicily, so we decided to hang out for a while and prepare for work tomorrow (I could use the rest myself!)  But I did manage to figure out why my computer wasn't charging (blasted adapters) so I had some games to keep me amused...

One little distraction, though: as the sun came out, there was a truly SPECTACULAR rainbow outside the hotel!  I've never seen a double-rainbow so clearly defined before: you could see both ends in very bright colors!  I took lots of pictures: the only problem was it was too close to get the whole thing in one shot!!

Walking along the "Beach"...

We tried to go out again a little later.  Sure enough, the harbor was closed because of the weather: in fact, just about *everything* was closed because it was Sunday.   Only a few of the tourist areas were doing anything, and they closed early.   We grabbed lunch at a small restaurant: I got a seafood pasta, with too little spice and too much sand.

Later on we walked on the shore looking for signs of life.  The only thing I found was the carapaces of water bottles, scattered along the shore like they come to spawn there or something.  Other than that, almost nada: this island is a *rock*, after all...

There were some interesting sights: the way the shore had been worn away left little inlets and rounded holes everywhere (I remembered a documentary on Antarctica where this same effect happens: stones grind holes in rock due to being pushed around in the wind).   There were some fossil shells in the stone here and there, and a "string" formation in some of the rocks: I have no idea what caused it, however.

I caught some pictures of the sunset, and of some goofy guys who saw me taking pictures of the sunset, then we headed back.

Well, gotta go meet the customer tomorrow.  After a mediocre dinner at the Hotel (there was this awful Teletubby music playing over the speakers, too!), it was time to hit the sack.  Gotta get up early to meet the bus!

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