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The Return Home, Part 2

December 18, 1999

Crossing Fingers...

Taking no chances, Alan and I grabbed the first shuttle to the airport.  We had to wait in a *huge* line, but we got our boarding passes to Muich and Dulles. Could be worse: some poor guy in front of us had to go to a different line after waiting for an hour!

It's worse: the flight to Muich is delayed!!

We get to Munich with a half-hour to spare: running through the airport, Alan and I *just* make it to our flight: we're on our way home at last!!

Home at Last!

Well, we made it back!  One final piece of bad news, though: not all of our luggage came through (we eventually got it back couple of days later).


Well, It was disappointing not to be able to take the side trip to Sicily, and the trip home was a mess, but overall it was a good trip in Malta.  *Unlike* some other places I've visited, (Such as London or Rome) if I had the time to do it properly I probably wouldn't stay more than a few days: you can hit all the major sites in Malta in that amount of time.

Well, I got my international travel in for this year: next year, Africa!

William Geoffrey Shotts
August 4, 2000

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