Caen & Lisieux

This day we drove north to Caen, A city of northern France southwest of Le Havre. It was a Huguenot stronghold in the 16th and 17th centuries, and is the burial place of William the Conqueror. We only stayed the night there, ourselves. :-)

On the way, we stopped at Lisieux, a large cathedral where the tomb of St. Theresa is located. Reading straight from ye olde encyclopedia:

She was a French Carmelite nun, one of the most widely loved saints of the Roman Catholic Church, also known as the Little Flower of Jesus. She exemplified the "little way" -achieving goodness by performing the humblest tasks.

But enough quoting: At the right is the entrance to Lisieux. Pretty nifty little shack. Good sumer home, don't you think?

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