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Day 12: York, England

Floors Castle


hadrianswall.jpg (33954 bytes)Hadrian's Wall: Danger, Wil Robinson!

Well, when we came to Hadrian's wall there was a bit of an accident, and that accident was me!  Hadrian's Wall was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian back about two thousand years ago, and parts of it still remain.  We stopped at one place where a wooden fence separated the wall from the street.  Everyone climbed over the wall to take pictures (there's one of me standing on the wall).  Well, as I was climbing back up, I caught my foot on the top of the fence, and landed face-first in the dirt, right on my nose!  There was blood everywhere.  I was more stunned than hurt, but I was sure I had broken my nose.  It swelled up like a baseball and throbbed a bit.   Several of the women on the tour kept giving me gauze and medicines: I practically had a little pharmacy built up!

Later at the next rest stop, I cleaned up a bit and changed my bloody clothes.  No more pictures of me for the rest of the tour, that's for sure...  When I eventually got back to the U.S., I found that my nose had actually been cracked in two places, but there was not much to do about it (that will be $50....). Oy!


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