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Day 4: Crossing Over into Ireland

Shipping Out

Leaving Bristol, we made a stop at Cardiff (in Wales), where we did some sightseeing and had a look at Cardiff Castle (shown here). Along the entrance to the castle are many carved statues of animals. I didn't go inside, since I was starting to get castled out already!  I wandered around the area, took a look at some of the markets.  I spotted a rather interesting food shop sign in one of them (Interesting, that is, for an American!).

While in Cardiff, I spotted a French version of "The Fifth Element" movie poster that I immediately snatched up. It's now framed in my apartment.  Hey, movies are my life!

We then took a long bus ride across Wales to the town of Fishguard, where we caught the ferry across the Irish Sea to Rosslare, Ireland.  I slept through most of the ride, or chatted with my fellow tourists.  I was impressed when we got to the docks.   I tell ya, this ferry was nice, and huge!   There were about 9 levels (including the parking area, which we drove the entire bus into and disembarked).  It had several food court areas and great lounges where you could sit and read or simply watch the water go by.  I think they had a few gambling casinos, as well, but they weren't open (bummer!).  It was a nice leisurely ride: about 3 hours to Ireland.

NOT Stonehenge!

Lovely day for a Guinness...

They call Ireland the Emerald Isle, and believe me, it deserves the title!  As we drove from the port town of Rosslare towards Waterford, all you saw was green green green green green.   Oh, and the occasional sheep, too.

At a small rest stop, the group took a break and had a look around.  I collected a few samples of local flowers and stuff.  I spotted a rather interesting snail with yellow stripes along its shell: damned if I knew the species, though.

I picked up a few postcards, and we proceeded on to Waterford.  The next day would really start our Irish tour.


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