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I loved looking at the differences between Britain and the U.S.: it's the little things that get you.  Some of the pictures that I'll put on here show some things I thought were hilarious.  One I wish I had grabbed but didn't get a chance was a sign at Heathrow when I first landed: it was the sign for the pedestrian crosswalks around the airport.  They are painted black and white, and also are slightly raised above the pavement (like a speed bump).  Well, the sign said for them (and I quote):

"Humping Zebra Crossing"

I just about died laughing.

Here are some other interesting things I saw:
bulletSign saying the "Hand Job Car Wash Company"
bulletThe "Knobs and Knockers" antique store
bulletA pub called the "Hung, Drawn and Quartered"
bulletA small food shop advertising "Faggots and Peas"
bullet"Dirty Dicks" pub
bullet"Rat & Carrot" pub
bulletIn one of my hotel rooms, the number to dial for emergencies was "666"
bullet"New" Scotland Yard, a rather ugly building
bulletThe British Telecom communications tower literally towering over London: it looked like something out of Science Fiction!
The Hung, Drawn, and Quartered
Food shop advertising "Faggot & Peas" And some observations about culture and other things:
bulletSigns in Ireland written in English and Celtic
bulletSigns in Wales written in English and Welsh
bulletSigns in Scotland written in no known language  (just kidding...)
bulletTopless girls in the papers in English newsstands
bulletNO topless girls in the papers in Ireland
bulletOnly American films in the theatres (##*%(@@#!!!)


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