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Crown JewelsDay 14: Back in London

Last-Minute Details

Whew!  We're back in London after a whirlwind 2-week tour around Great Britain.   Now I can relax a bit, visit some museums, and see some more sights.

Fat chance.  There's never enough time to do what you want to do.  I took a walk around London to try and find the Hard Rock Cafe so I could get a pin for my collection.  I now have a grand total of two: one from Atlanta and one from London.   It's pathetic that I haven't even been to the one in D.C. (I guess that's just too easy...)

Also, I had to get ready for the show I wanted to see...

Beauty and the Beast stage playBelle et La Bette

Yep, they had the "Beauty and the Beast" musical playing at the local theaters.  What I really wanted to see was "Phantom of the Opera", but unfortunately that had sold out by the time we got to London (the FIRST day).   However, I quite enjoyed the musical.  It was definitely a bit more... ah ... "adult" than the animated movie!  It also had a few new songs that weren't in the film.

The french maid was really cute!

The Dominon Theatre is along a whole row of theaters and playhouses (including one or two that show a bit more than singers, if you know what I mean).  The outside was decorated in spectacular fashion for the current showing, including a huge poster of the advertised play.  On the way there I rode in the front of one of the large double-decker buses that occupy London: that was a wild feeling!

Damnation: I gotta get up at 5:00am tomorrow to pack and get ready to leave!   Already!!


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