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castles.jpg (33924 bytes)Day 7: Limerick, Tipperary, and Dublin

Emergency Cameras

After my little mead spill, my camera was useless, so when we stopped in the town of Limerick, I picked up an emergency camera (outrageous price, but whatcha gonna do?)   Armed once again, we preceeded on our journey.

You Stud, you...

We continued our tour in Kildare, passing through Tipperary (home to many different types of castles, as shown at right) and through the small town of Cashel. The Rock of Cashel is famous for a visit to it by St. Patrick back in the 5th century, and was also the principal stronghold of the Kings of Munster (he reads off the back of the postcard...).

Kildare is the home of the Irish National Stud, a horse farm where many throughbred horses are, well, bred.  Quite striking, actually.  It was a bit rainy and overcast that day, so we got our umbrellas out and had a look at the farm before heading off to Dublin.

Sing Cabaret..

We arrived in Dublin just an our or so before dinnertime, so there wasn't much chance to see things (we'd do that tomorrow).  That evening we went to Jury's Irish Cabaret, "An evening of Laughter, Music, Song and Dance".  It was from this show that "Riverdance" originated!   Really: apparently some of the group went off to found that dance troup from this show.  There was plenty of Irish dancing, some pretty good music, and O.K. food.   Things were a bit crowded as there were tons of people there.

Late night, off to bed...


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