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Sneem, on the Ring of Kerry Day 6: The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Nieb.. I mean, Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is a long drive around some very picturesque views of the Irish countryside and coast.  Unfortunately the weather was a bit overcast, but I still got some great shots of the coast.  And sheep.  Jeez, the place has more sheep than people!

One thing that makes you realize you're not in the U.S.: the cliffsides where we stopped had no fences whatsoever.  Comes from not having a breeding lawyer population, I suppose...

The drive took most of the day, along with a couple of brief stops in Killarney (the "Home of Beauty", and also part of a Christmas song sung by Bing Crosby), and Adare.  We moved on to Ennis, where we would spend the night.

Castle Capers

Before we went to bed, though, there was dinner in Knappogue Castle, where you experience a "real" medieval banquet, complete with bards and a bit of a show.   It was a lot of fun, actually: especially since I was sitting across from two gorgeous college girls from New Jersey (it's too bad their parents where with them too: oh, well!).  Actually, their mom was very nice and I spoke to her all evening.   They were just finishing up their tour and were heading home soon.

They pass around some "mead" to start the evening off: even though I don't drink, I thought I'd give it a try, as it smelled a lot like apples.  It was fairly powerful stuff, but I didn't realize how powerful: I accidentally spilled some on my camera, which then overheated and fried itself.  Fortunately I saved the film!   That medieval mead is certainly powerful stuff...

The banquet starts off with the hosts picking a king and queen of the banquet, who get to sit at the head table and generally get made fools of.  Then they serve the meal in several courses, with some entertainment and singing (with a bit of humor, too).   You can get your picture taken with a serving wench (which of course I did).   A fun evening!


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