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Dingos, Dingos, DingosFrasers Island

October 29, 1998

Relaxing by the Pool...

This morning I finally got smart and didn't schedule anything in the morning.  Instead, I had breakfast with a bunch of friends, then we went in search of the pool so I could soak, relax, and have a drink.  We found the pool (and the hot tub!) so I sat in the tub and read a book for a while.

After a little relaxation, we got dressed and went on our half-day tour of Frasers Island.

Jungle Girls, Clear Pools and Other Stuff

Walking through the jungle of Frasers was utterly beautiful.  The island is basically one giant sand bar, so the soil was very sandy and the various creeks weren't like other bubbling brooks.  The water was absolutely silent:  it was kind of eerie!   Also along this walk, Hege got the idea to start climbing trees and pose in her bikini top: what a wild woman!

Lovely Fraser IslandThere was a cool tree along the walk that had been hollowed out by lightening or something: it was large enough to hold at least 10 of us in the base: got some great pics. We also heard the story of Frasers Island: it was named after Mrs. Fraser, who was shipwrecked there and captured by the aborigines.  She claimed that one of the chiefs of the tribes fell for her, and they forced her to commit "unspeakable acts" until she was freed.  She later told the story to whomever wanted to hear as a circus attraction.

The Aborigines also have stories about her: they also claim that the chief of one of the tribes fell for her, but most of the rest of the story is rather different.   I guess Mrs. Fraser really enhanced the story when she was working at the circus...

After the walk, we went for a swim in MacKenzie Lake, one of the larger freshwater lakes on the island.  It was utterly clear, and a bunch of us dove in for a swim.  Luke suggested an alfresco swim, and Suzie was the first to comply by taking the bottom of her bikini off!  (Hmmm....)  The rest of us waved our suits in the air for a sec (not to worry, the rest of us was under water), and then put them back on (no point in scaring the natives!).  I tell you, getting a wet bathing suit back on is a *lot* harder than taking it off.. :-)

We swam a little more (with Luke wearing Suzies top as a hat: crazy couple), and had some snacks consisting of some absolutely delicious bread and syrup.

Dinner and Dingos

We had dinner at the Sand Bar restaurant that night, and then Mike, Chantal, myself, Luke and Suzie all went to the hot tub to relax after a hard days relaxation.  There was a formal dinner going on across in the main restaurant (with a TERRIBLE lounge singer...) so we got to watch the chefs dropping rolls as they rolled trays of food past the pool.   About this time, Luke related to us his infamous Steamer Story! (Luke, if I have details wrong, please send me a correction!)

The Steamer Story
***Gross & Kinky Bit Alert***

A friend of Lukes was in the throes of a passionate 69 (if you don't know what that is, find a 13-year-old and he will tell you) with a lady friend when he decided to get a little, well, kinky (kinkier, actually).  He put a finger up where the sun doesn't shine to add a little extra stimulation.  Apparently the girl went wild at this, really moaning and loving all of it.  However, when he "pulled out", so to speak, she reared back and unloaded a, well, a  "steamer" right on the guys chest.

Well, some other friends heard the guy screaming "Get off! Get off!" coming from the door, and came over to investigate.  The first thing they see is a girl running out of the room, naked and crying.  But the SECOND thing was the guy coming out,  walking while leaning back at the same time (as if trying to separate his chest from the rest of his body) with a large "steamer" on his chest, saying "Get it off! Get it off!"

***End Gross & Kinky Bit***

While we were recovering from that, Mike spotted a dingo wandering by the pool!  He of course jumped in the pool after it and tried to follow it, walking right by the formal diners, dripping wet and wearing only a bathing suit (we asked him what he said: "Hi"). It was nasty getting out of the tub, though: it was a bit chilly that night!

Well, we made it back to catch the last shuttle back to the lodges.   I talked with my roomates for a bit before going off to bed.  Tomorrow I dine with the crocodiles!


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