The Prophecy (R)

Starring: Christopher Walken

Content: Violence, gore, religious themes, profanity

Rating: 7

Summary: An ex-priest turned cop discovers that a second War in Heaven is taking place. The Angels, who seek to learn more about warfare, search for a Dark Soul hidden in the body of a young girl. With this soul, they hope to win the war and expell the "talking monkeys" (humans) from Heaven.

I liked this film a lot better than I liked "Lord of Illusions", which is the last horror/suspence film I saw. I found the various Biblical references and the idea of a second War fascinating. The film does tend to drag in the second half a bit. Of course, the best thing in the film was Christopher Walken as the archangel Gabriel: the man can look totally evil without even trying (and if you want to know why an archangel can be so evil, see the film!) He also gets in some of the films best lines. The Devil (who does show up later in the film) is no slouch either. A worthwhile film for horror movie fans.

P.S: I heard they're making a sequel to this film: can't wait!

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