Lord of Illusions

Lord of Illusions (R)

Starring: Scott Bakula

Contents: Graphic violence & gore, female nudity

Rating: 4

Summary: While tailing a petty criminal, a private investigator stumbles on a series of supernatural killings. He discovers that an evil magician, thought dead for many years, is about to be resurrected to take revenge on the people who killed him: his former protegť Swann, who uses his powers as a stage magician, and the young girl (now married to Swann) who shot him.

Some interesting effects and a little blood and gore can't save this movie, but I did like Scott's acting ability. There is a fair amount of good old-fashioned yuckification in this film: bodies being pierced with knives, dead people walking around, etc. Big fans of Clive Barker will probably go for it.

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