Toy Story (G)


Contents: nothing offensive

Rating: 9

Summary: Woody is the favorite toy of a young boy. However, when a new "Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger" toy shows up, Woody is replaced as the favorite, and jealousy reigns. When an accident leaves both of them behind at a gas station, they must work together to get home before the family of the boy moves away.

I went to see the movie for the computer graphics (this is billed as the first completely computer-animated film) and I was not disappointed: they are FANTASTIC! With the exception of the actual people in the film (who looked a little stiff and were rather obviously computer constructions) everything was virtually flawless!

Storywise, the movie also holds together. It is great fun, with lots of humor for the kids and also lots of in-jokes the adults will appreciated. I loved the three-eyed aliens that Buzz meets in a game machine: "A stranger. A stranger from beyond! OOOOOOoooooooo...."

Another must-see.

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