To Die For(R)

Starring: Nicole Kidman

Content: Profanity, violence, sexual situations

Rating: 6

Summary:An ambitious, not overly bright but very cunning aspiring TV reporter plots the murder of her husband with the help of some boneheaded teenagers.

Kind of interesting: I keep hearing about what a great acting job Nicole Kidman did in this film. Frankly, she kind of annoyed me with her little-miss-princess prissiness and here outrageously loud clothing. What a bimboid! Still, as amoral bimbos-from-hell go, she was pretty convincing.

I was impressed at the acting job of the teenagers: at least, the one she seduces and convinces to kill her husband was such a total moron that I sure hope he was acting. As the TV station owner said (the guy who plays Neuman on Sienfeld): "These kids would have trouble naming all the days of the week."

The movie is filmed like a pseudo-documentary, with interviews among the family & friends. Thank God there were no voice-overs. An interesting twist occurs at the end when we learn of Nicole's final fate. Overall, I'd wait until it comes out on video.

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