Species (R)

Staring: Ben Kingsley

Contents: Violence, language, female nudity, strong sexual scenes

Rating: 2

Summary:When SETI transmissions are returned with a message about how to splice human DNA with alient DNA, a monster is created that threatens to destroy humanity!

Lots of violence, lots of sex, and little else. The plot is transparent, acting bad, and lots of questions unanswered:

bulletYou would think that people handling cyanide gas would wear SEALED suits.
bulletWhere does all the mass come from? these creatures seem to grow out of nothing.
bulletDoes Sil (the alien/human hybrid created) have telepathic powers, as implied at one point?
bulletThe computer graphics at the end of the film are just bad: very obvious.
bulletHow the heck does the RAT (at the end of the film) become a hybrid? Is Sil contagious? Where the heck did that come from?

And that's just for starters. Avoid this film.

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