Something to Talk About (PG-13)

Starring: Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid

Contents: profanity

Rating: 8

Summary: When a young housewife learns that her husband is cheating on her, all hell breaks loose.

Not bad at all. Julia Roberts does a good job portraying her anger and frustration at her husband's philandering. She seems on the point of a breakdown throughout the early parts of the film, leading to a hilarious scene where she asks the other townswomen if any of them have slept with her husband. When no one comes forward, she begins to tell everyone ELSE about who's sleeping with whom. One thing's for sure: the divorce rate in that town is going to go WAY up.

The film also has lots of other humor (the guys in the audience, however, should close their eyes when Dennis Quaid comes to visit his wife at here sister's place: the sister gives Dennis quite a low blow, if you get my drift (ouch!!)), strong characters, and doesn't drag. A good evening's entertainment.

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