Pulp Fiction (R)

Starring: Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Bruce Willis

Contents: EXTREME violence & profanity, rape, and other plain yucky things

Rating: 9 (technical & professional aspects), 2 (watchability)

Summary: In a series of interleaving stories, we watch a few days in the lives of two philosophical hired killers, the bored, drug-addicted wife of a crime boss, and an over-the-hill boxer.

I have very mixed emotions about this film: I thought the storylines were really tight, the scripting and dialog excellent, the acting excellent, the soundtrack was great, all the various technical aspects of the film were excellent. There were several genuinely funny moments, as well. All this gives the film a very high rating.

However, in truth I cannot recommend this film to anyone. Why? Because there were several things that I found to be very ugly: a nasty drug-overdose scene (where an needle is plunged directly into Uma Thurman's heart), and extremely ugly rape scene, and a great deal of violence and bloodshed. This film is definitely NOT for the kiddies, guys.

So while I give the film very high marks for technical & professional aspects, I cannot say I'd see it again. View at your own risk.

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