Kiss the Girls(R)

Starring: Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd

Contents: Violence, Gore, brief nudity

Rating: 7

Summary:Morgan Freeman is a detective who gets involved in tracking a kidnapper. The kidnapper, who preys exclusively on young, intelligent women, has also kiddnapped his niece, and the only clue to his wherebouts may lie with the only woman to escape his clutches.

This was a pretty good film. The suspense doesn't really build up until about the middle of the film, but when it does it cranks up. Morgan Freeman plays the hard-nosed detective role very well (just look at his work in Seven), but would a Washington, D.C. cop really drive around in a black Porche, even if he is a forensic psychologist? If so, I'm clearly in the wrong job...

Ashley Judd did a good job as the young intern who was kidnapped (which doesn't happen for at least 45 minutes), and manages to escape, but her presence in the film is far overshadowed by Freeman.

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