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The Fur will Fly!Cats and Dogs (PG-13)

Contents: cartoon violence, poopies

Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Quick Summary: For millennia, cats and dogs have waged a secret war for control of humanity.  Cats want to rule over humans, but dogs are content to be simply Man's Best Friend.  When a scientist creates a formula that will cure all allergies to dogs, a megalomaniac cat named Mr. Tinkles starts an all-out war to destroy the formula and replace it with one that will make everyone allergic to dogs.  It's up to Lou, Butch, Sam and Peek to stop the cats from enslaving the human race.

I'd always suspected that cats are evil, and now here's the proof. :-)

Funny and original, my enjoyment of this movie was not affected by a stifling-hot movie theater (the air-conditioning was broken, apparently).  Kids will love it, and adults will like the parallels to James Bond movies (Mr. Tinkles looks suspiciously

The effects are great: using a combination of live animals, puppets and computer animation.  Most of the time I didn't know which one I was seeing.

Lots of fun!

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