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CozumelSouvenir_small.gif (14095 bytes)Heading Home

April 25th-26th, 2001


We had another day of cruising as we headed back to Tampa, so we spent it relaxing in the sun (while it was still out!)  Some storm clouds moved in that afternoon:  I saw a fantastic waterspout that day, but didn't have my camera!!   Always remember: carry your camera at all times...

That evening we piled in one of the lounges to listen to a comedian doing his more "risque" show: we got good seats in front, and he poked fun at us all night.  We were in hysterics!

Back in Tampa

Sadly, the trip had to end.  On Thursday we packed up, said goodbye to our Cabin Critters, and headed on home!   Thanks for a fun trip, everyone!

Me and the Ladies Every day there are more... Ali & Me! Say goodbye to the Jubilee! The Whole Gang

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