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ShinjukuSushi and Shinjuku

July 23, 2001

Actual Work!

Got up to an overcast morning this day, and waited for the call from Miya telling me it was time to go to the office.  Well, I gotta do some work on this trip, after all...

After a good morning's work, we went to an Italian restaurant (of all places) for lunch.  It was Italian with a twist, though: we had some pasta dishes with a distinctly Japanese flavor.  Lots of interesting spices.

We also discussed our plans for later in the week: Miya wanted to take me kayaking!   It sounded like a lot of fun.  Miya is an avid kayaker: he has has his stuff made special in Washington state.  He also wanted to try out his kayaks on me, since he had a client coming later in the year who was also quite large and might not fit in it.

Say, was that an insult?  :-)

An Evening Out

That evening for dinner, Miya took me and his colleagues Osamu and Fumio to a little sushi bar out near the Shinjuku area of Tokyo.   The bar was very traditional: you sit at the bar and the chef prepares a piece of sushi for you.  As you eat each piece, and other piece comes, and so on until you are full.

It was a great meal!  Best sushi I ever had (which makes sense when you think about it).  It was a lot a fun to watch the chef prepare the food: I got a few pictures, but my camera kept acting up (Osamu and Fumio mocked me for my cheap Nikon camera :-))  The chef was pleased to hear about my web site and gave me his card (how's that for a little free advertising :-).   I gave him mine in return (the protocol is that you are supposed to hand over your business card with both hands and a slight bow, apparently).


A Trip to Shinjuku

Miya had had to leave after he dropped us off, so Osamu and I headed off to the subway: he said he wanted to take me somewhere flashy and fun.  As we  walked into central Shinjuku, we kept getting accosted by people pointing out where the really hot girls were.  I was getting a little worried that he was taking me to a strip club!

(Although I've been to one or two in Vegas, I don't really much care for them because 1) the atmosphere feels a little too "artificial"  (if you get my drift), and 2) most importantly, since I don't drink, I object to paying $10 for orange juice).

What we really ended up doing was exploring the lights and bustle of Shinjuku itself.  Its a busy district, full of hotels, skyscrapers, shops, and restaurants, and at night it was spectacular.  Despite the late hour, business was in full swing: we checked out a camera shop (*cough* NikonSucks *cough* seemed to be the message).  There were some amazing toys there, marvels of miniaturization and technology.  Pretty expensive, though!

Somehow, the conversation did turn to strip clubs in the end: Osamu told stories about other clients (who shall remain safely anonymous in these pages: you know who you are :-)).  One in particular ended up making a new friend of some Russian girl who was in country and trying to earn enough money to move to the States.  Apparently, he helped her towards her goal. :-)

Deciding not to take the hot, sweltering subway due to the hot, sweltering street, we took and air-conditioned cab back to my hotel.  I gotta rest up: it's going to be an early morning...


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